Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours? Nashville Veterinary Specialists sees regularly scheduled appointments Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM.  Our specialists are available on an emergency basis during the weekend and on holidays.

How do I get an appointment with the specialist? You will need a referral from your primary veterinarian. After speaking with your veterinarian, he or she will fax a referral form to our hospital. You can then call to make an appointment with one of our specialists.

Why do I need a referral? A referral is necessary because your veterinarian knows your pet’s history and current medical condition.  NVS acts as an extension of your veterinarian’s office. We work with your veterinarian to provide speciality care. NVS does not offer vaccines, routine dentals or other services your primary veterinarian offers.

What if I don’t have a regular veterinarian? You will need to find a primary veterinarian and establish a relationship with him or her. They can then refer you to our office.

How do I prepare for my first consultation visit? We ask that you do not feed your pet after 8 PM the evening before your appointment unless directed otherwise. Water can be offered until the morning of your appointment. You will need to arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled appointment in order to be checked in and fill out a new client questionnaire. This questionnaire can also be printed off of the website and filled out before your visit. PDF Form Word Doc Form

What do I bring to the appointment? Please bring any laboratory test results, radiographs, CT or MRI reports, all current medications and of course, your pet. Also if your pet eats a specific type of food and is staying overnight, please bring an appropriate amount of its food as well.

Why do I have to fast my pet just for the consultation visit? We ask that you not feed your pet in case it needs to be sedated or have general anesthesia performed on the day of its appointment.  Fasting is also required for certain blood tests and radiographs often require sedation. Overnight fasting can reduce the risk of complications associated with sedation.  Two exceptions to this recommendation are if your pet is very young (i.e. less than 6 months of age) or has a medical condition that necessitates frequent feeding (i.e. diabetes, insulin secreting tumor). In those cases feed your pet as you normally would unless specifically directed by one of our doctors.

Do you have any payment plans? We do not offer a direct payment plan through our hospital.  We do however offer Care Credit which is a third party payment system that provides several extended payment options.  One of our receptionists can answer any questions you have about Care Credit.

What forms of payment do you accept? We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Care Credit, cash, and personal checks.

What is Care Credit? Care Credit is a healthcare credit card that can be used for you and your pet. You can apply online, over the telephone or here in our office. You may visit Care Credit online at www.carecredit.com or call 1-800-365-8295. Care Credit offers several payment options.

Using Care Credit, our clinic honors the following:

6 month no interest, balance must be paid in full in 6 months

24, 36, 48 or 60 months at a fixed 13.90% rate

What are the costs associated with treatment? Our specialists will give you an estimate of total costs at the time of your consultation. This estimate will include a high and low quote.  You may contact our office to get a general estimate of costs on a case-by-case basis.  Please realize however that costs of care may change significantly once your pet is evaluated by one of our doctors.

Can I visit my pet while they are in the hospital? In general, we feel that it is in the best interest of our patients to remain hospitalized without the excitement of having visitors.  If your pet is hospitalized for several days however we certainly will facilitate a visit with your pet.

Guidelines associated with visiting your pet include:

  • Visiting hours:  Visitation hours are limited from 10AM to 4PM unless a specific exception is made.
  • We ask that you limit visitation times with your pet to 20 minutes per day.
  • All pet visitations must be scheduled with your NVS doctor or one of our support staff.
  • Visitation is not allowed on the same day that a major surgical or medical procedure is performed.
  • You will most likely not visit in person with your doctor at the time of visitation with your pet

Can I call your clinic to check on my pet? Yes, you are always welcome to call and check on your pet. We will make every attempt to keep you up to date of your pet’s condition.  If your pet is having surgery, we will give you an estimated “table time” and we will call you as soon as your pet is recovered from anesthesia. We ask that you do not call the overnight staff for an update on your pet. If your pet is in the hospital for multiple days you will be updated at least once per day and most likely twice on his or her condition.

When can my pet come home? Pick up times are scheduled in the morning for animals going home on any particular day. Discharge times are generally very flexible and can be tailored around your schedule in the vast majority of cases. If you need to meet in person with your doctor then available pick-up times may be more limited. All animals being treated by our daytime specialists however do need to be discharged by 5:30 PM at the latest.

Will someone be with my pet overnight? Yes, 24-hour care is provided for all our patients with a doctor in the hospital at all times.

*If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our offices at 615-386-0107. We want our clients to feel comfortable and informed during their hospital visit. We will be glad to answer any of your questions in order to have you fully understand all aspects of your pet’s care.