• Specialty Services Patient Care Manager
  • ICU Patient Care Manager
  • ER Patient Care Manager


The Patient Care Manager is an on-the-floor manager that is directly responsible for patient care, medical competency, and team health in their particular areas of oversight. They are expected to manage and develop staff, train staff, and work closely with the staff, doctors, hospital leaders, and management to develop policy, accountability, and directly impact and improve patient care at NVS. They will be the direct supervisor for Technical Staff and Technician Assistants in that department.

Required Skills/Experience:

5+ years of veterinary medical experience, LVMT, VTS or experience equivalent, experience/success in leadership, above average technical/medical knowledge base, high emotional intelligence, evolved skills in competency and care, team-minded, approachable, proactive, positive, problem-solver, fearless advocate for patient care and team health and a history of decision making/perspective that supports this.

Performance Requirements:

Day-to-day duties will also include involvement in the hiring process and training of new staff, as well as 90-day reviews and annual reviews. Patient Care Manager will be the go-to person for doctors and staff to troubleshoot medical concerns and questions. They will address patient care concerns in real time to create consistency and accountability.