When Your Pet is Hospitalized at NVS

We know having your pet hospitalized is very stressful for both you and your pet. We pride ourselves in providing the best patient care available.  Your pet will receive round-the-clock observation and treatment while hospitalized at NVS. 

Each treatment plan is individualized to provide your pet the care they need with the ultimate goal of getting them home to you as soon as possible.   Our doctors and staff will provide at least twice-daily updates while your pet is hospitalized.  If your pet is stable for visitation, you may visit with your pet during our visitation hours.  

Comfort Measures:

  • Your dog will be walked (if able) at least three times a day. 
  • Your cat’s litter box will be checked throughout the day and clean litter provided as needed.
  • Your pet will receive comfortable, dry bedding at all times.
  • We have several stuffed toys available to comfort patients.
  • Our nursing staff and doctors will give your pet extra love and TLC as often as possible.