Triage Technician


The primary focus of the Triage Technician is to improve the client experience through better communication, and allowing owners to be present during STAT situations.

Required Skills/Experience:

The individual is someone who is highly skilled in diagnostics and triage. Must have at least a working knowledge of ICU. The individual must:

  • Have a detailed understanding of common disease processes seen in the ER/ICU
  • Must be able to evaluate blood work from transfer cases in order to triage appropriately
  • Must have experience in handling difficult clients

Performance requirements:

The ideal candidate will be team-minded, approachable, proactive, positive, problem-solver, animal lover, and respect for human-animal bond. They will possess high emotional intelligence, evolved skills in competency and care, fearless advocate for client experience and team health, and a history of decision making/perspective that supports this. In short, a Super Hero!