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Veterinary Oncology

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What is Veterinary Oncology?

Veterinary oncology is the branch of veterinary medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of all types of cancers in animals. An oncologist can help with the care and management of cancers, tumors, masses, and secondary symptoms of cancer or cancer treatment.

At Nashville Veterinary Specialists, we know how worrisome a cancer diagnosis can be. Our oncology team is here to provide your pet with quality veterinary care, and our staff is here to support you and your family during this trying time. We believe in communication and transparency so that we can work with you, your pet, and other veterinarians in order to determine the best possible cancer care plan for your pet. If you have been referred to us by another veterinarian, or you would like to schedule a visit, please book an appointment as soon as possible by calling us at (615) 386-0107 or filling out our Contact Us form.

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The oncology team at NVS Nashville includes board-certified specialists. These veterinarians have expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. After receiving a degree in veterinary medicine (DVM), these doctors receive additional training in a residency program accredited by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) and successfully complete the testing and research requirements established by the ACVIM. A veterinary oncologist is an expert in the biology of cancer and specializes in the use of chemotherapy and biological therapies for the treatment of cancer. Our oncology team works in close association with our surgeons when a multi-disciplinary approach to cancer management is needed.

Cancer Treatment Options for Your Pet

Our facility in Nashville, TN provides a wide array of available treatment options. Depending on your pet’s particular situation, our team may utilize a combination of the treatment methods below. While the following list is not exhaustive, it can give you an idea of what to expect when you schedule a visit with the oncology team at Nashville Veterinary Specialists.

  • Cutting-edge diagnostic tools: Our advanced facilities and tools aid in the diagnosis of tumors, lumps, and other symptoms of cancer.

  • Collaboration with surgeons and radiologists: Our oncologist communicates with other veterinary specialists in order to tailor individual treatment plans for each animal that we care for.

  • Collaboration with primary care veterinarians: To best treat your pet’s cancer, we regularly communicate with referring veterinarians. Working together with your pet’s regular vet gives us a more complete picture of your animal’s health and medical history, which can be crucial to effective cancer care.

  • Surgery: Our oncology team works closely with our surgeons to determine if surgery is right for your pet. We provide complete surgery services on site.

  • Medication: Our doctors can prescribe medication to help with your pet’s treatment.  For your convenience, our on-site pharmacy fills most prescriptions for cancer patients.

  • Chemotherapy Treatments: If chemotherapy is right for your animal’s situation, we can provide treatment at our hospital in Nashville, TN.

Nashville Veterinary Specialists is committed to providing you and your pet with the treatment, support, and information you need to make informed decisions about your pet’s health. Our veterinary staff strives to provide the best quality of life possible to every animal that we care for. If you have any additional questions our staff is here to assist you. Please call our office at (615) 386-0107.

Our Oncology Team