Pet Emergency

An emergency with your pet is a critical and stressful event.  We are here for you with emergency doctors and experienced nursing and support staff at all times - 24 / 7 / 365.  We provide care for your important family member when your primary care veterinarian is not available.  We then work to get you back in the care of your veterinarian as soon as possible.  Our emergency doctors are available at all times to see walk-in emergencies and provide care for our hospitalized patients.

Sometimes a pet many need to stay in the hospital for continuous care and monitoring. Our doctors, nurses, and veterinary support staff are in the hospital 24 hours a day to continually monitor and care for our patients. Treatments can be easily modified at any time to meet changing patient status.

The emergency doctors have training and experience in a broad area of veterinary medicine and surgery.  The NVS emergency team sees a wide variety of medical problems ranging from minor infections to life threatening trauma.  Surgeons, Neurologists, Oncologists, Cardiologists, and Internal Medicine specialists are also available to perform emergency surgery, advanced diagnostics - such as ultrasound, CT Scan, MRI, and endoscopy - or other specialized procedures.